Signing Up for Kinderspot

To get signed up for Kinderspot, start by downloading our mobile app, which is available on both Android and iOS devices as a mobile app.  

How does Kinderspot work?

Kinderspot's intent is to help facilitate short-term care for eligible families by giving visibility to available weeks that have been offered by verified spot holders at participating CDCs.

Spot holders, who create a Kinderspot account, will be able to offer week-long blocks of time per child, at participating CDCs, to make their spot temporarily available when gone on leave or TDY.

Prospective spot renters can create a Kinderspot account, even if they do not hold a spot at a CDC. Available weeks will be visible at participating CDCs, and renters can inform the CDC Admin of their desire to rent. Once they have completed paperwork at a CDC, and become a verified renter, they can book any available week(s) through the app.